Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stuff: Details

Life. If you don’t get it, you don’t get it. And, you won’t find it in just any ancient text. Nor will you find it with a telescope and a Bunsen burner, alone.

Somewhere between the heart and the hand there needs to be an understanding. The universe is so much more than we have ever dreamed. Probably more than we can ever. (Hello, dark matter?) The concepts presented by the desert dogmas, or the older, preceding pagans myths, seem to lose weight when one considers the larger scope of the cosmos on both ends of the scale; from the macro to the micro.

And while reason will undoubtedly point to any mythology as not standing up to the rigors of science and history, neither can they produce a model of anything that not only shows us how, but why.

Religion tells us we were scooped up out of dirt. Science tells us we are composed of the very essence of cast off stellar matter. Either way we are all an integral part of existence. The drive to live, grow, and prosper that drives all creatures great, small, and – presently – undetectable.

Maybe, instead of trying to make stories suitable for our personal and limited agendas and understanding, or dismissing the greater creative forces that we still don’t understand, at hand, we should, instead, look quizzically into ourselves, and our small world, to discover the true nature of the cosmos, and the mighty place we tiny little things hold in it.

Peace and grace be with you; I greet and praise the little universe you are.

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