Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stuff: What Doesn't Kill Me

I guess I can learn a lot from the recent bad timing of Jim Davis

Our last “Stuff” had been written, drawn, and started some time back, and got dropped on the tracks as soon as it was completed. In that time, I had met, and begun dating, the most wonderful young woman. She could sing and play music, had an eye for art and design, a sharp mind, was lovely to the eye, and had an infectious warmth about her that I thought I could get lost in forever. Yes, she was, for me, the perfect woman.

Unfortunately, I was not, for her, the perfect man. It’s the same old story; boy and girl meet, start dating, boy falls for girl, girl falls for… other boy.

Love is a funny thing, I suppose.

So, yeah, that’s why there’s a dating Stuff immediately followed by… this. Ah, but not too worry; a little hydrogen peroxide, a couple of Band Aids, and I’m sure the old ticker will be good as new. Otherwise, I guess I’ll have to trade in my kilt for a brown robe and rope belt.

Now, anyone got a pair of pliers big enough to pull this thing out of my back?

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