Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stuff: So long, 2010

Holy cow… where to start?!

Well, first and foremost, thank you very, very much for continuing to read either Galactic Gun or Stuff; or even both. The station has gone through a few changes, already, as it is. And the truth is that it’s still trying to come together. The learning curve has been… crazy… to say the least. As we press ahead, learning code and getting more Photoshop and Graphic Arts skills, look for bigger, better changes to come your way. Including, we hope, some merchandise and other special offers.

Again, thank you so much for hanging in there with us. We’re glad you’ve been enjoying what you’ve been reading and are working hard to make your travel with us even more exciting in the coming year.

Love? Oh, yeah… love. Looks like your dear old Conductor will end 2010 as he started it; heart broken. But the funniest things can happen when your heart gets dashed upon the rocks and busted into tiny pieces… It may get set free to grow, once more.

That’s how I found mine after being cast aside by the rough, tossed currents of passion. Empty, I found my soul filled with a need to create. Not just new comics, but illustrations, poetry, and music. I have a note book full of poetic lyrics (With one such piece appearing here.), I’ve dusted three years of neglect off my guitar. And I’m working on honing in my forgotten talents in rendering to bring to life some old visions I had long since put aside. There’ll be a gallery up at the station, soon. But, for now, you can always visit my Facebook page to see some, now.

I am, also, a lot less round then I used to be. Yes, I’m proud of that, but not so much that I ended up there, in the first place. Let’s just say it’s nearly time to go buy new pants and leave it at that, shall we?

I also want to take some time to thank all of my wonderful friends; without whom I don’t think there’d be a Neverland Transit Authority. From Lady J, NTA’s esteemed Brakeman, to Roger Niner and the Table of Awesome, the glue of 2010 has definitely been the bonds of comradery shared by these folks. I hope I honor you in my work as you honor me with your friendship.

2011 feels like the year things hit full pressure in the boiler and we get the pistons really cranking the drive wheels. Hopefully we’ll be ready for anything down the tracks…

Even old heart breaks that come back our way.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stuff: Fine Art

In where lies the artist?

It’s, I think, a question that is more prevalent than ever in the face of the growing scope of technology.

In where lies the artist? Is he in his brush? His pencil? Or a pen? Is he in his clay? Or does he sit on his canvas? Maybe a sheet of velum? Can he sit in a computer? Is it now, truly, fair to say that the term artist can now expand to incorporate a growing generation of users that’ll never touch any of the medium I grew up on?

Odd and still somewhat painful recent events have, in some strange way, reawakened this need inside me to reconnect with some of the old tools I have just recently put away. Busting out with the old HB pencils, water colors, and pastels; looking to recapture, somewhat, this feeling of being more than just a cartoonist, but to be – what I guess I consider – a real artist, again.

I’m not sure if I have the answers to what and where the line of definition of “artist” will fall as we move deeper into the 21 century. Maybe it’s good I don’t. Tomorrow’s creative people will probably have more wonderful, diverse tools at their disposal than I can imagine. I just hope there’s still some place for trusty old pencil…

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stuff: Road Show

I once read an old interview by the musician Peter Gabriel who said that he always made a demo of his album for his car. He knew he was getting close when it sounded good just driving around.

When I get a new album, or put together one of the many NTA compilation give aways, it always gets a road test. And since I’m not a sound engineer, I won’t even begin to ponder, so much, why it is that music just sounds better blasting out of the dashboard down a curvy hill top highway; outside of the general aesthetics of the thing, I suppose.

Of course, when I asked The Dangermouse for a quote for this week’s Stuff he just gave me a list of what bands work good for what kinds of roads. His not so subtle way of telling me he’s itchin’ for a road trip…