Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stuff: Fine Art

In where lies the artist?

It’s, I think, a question that is more prevalent than ever in the face of the growing scope of technology.

In where lies the artist? Is he in his brush? His pencil? Or a pen? Is he in his clay? Or does he sit on his canvas? Maybe a sheet of velum? Can he sit in a computer? Is it now, truly, fair to say that the term artist can now expand to incorporate a growing generation of users that’ll never touch any of the medium I grew up on?

Odd and still somewhat painful recent events have, in some strange way, reawakened this need inside me to reconnect with some of the old tools I have just recently put away. Busting out with the old HB pencils, water colors, and pastels; looking to recapture, somewhat, this feeling of being more than just a cartoonist, but to be – what I guess I consider – a real artist, again.

I’m not sure if I have the answers to what and where the line of definition of “artist” will fall as we move deeper into the 21 century. Maybe it’s good I don’t. Tomorrow’s creative people will probably have more wonderful, diverse tools at their disposal than I can imagine. I just hope there’s still some place for trusty old pencil…

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