Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stuff: Road Show

I once read an old interview by the musician Peter Gabriel who said that he always made a demo of his album for his car. He knew he was getting close when it sounded good just driving around.

When I get a new album, or put together one of the many NTA compilation give aways, it always gets a road test. And since I’m not a sound engineer, I won’t even begin to ponder, so much, why it is that music just sounds better blasting out of the dashboard down a curvy hill top highway; outside of the general aesthetics of the thing, I suppose.

Of course, when I asked The Dangermouse for a quote for this week’s Stuff he just gave me a list of what bands work good for what kinds of roads. His not so subtle way of telling me he’s itchin’ for a road trip…

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