Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stuff: Forever will it Dominate Your Destiny

Over the past weekend, quietly, Neverland Transit Authority celebrated its one year anniversary.

Neverland Transit Authority isn’t one year old.

When I was around seven, or so, I graduated from Super Friends, Adam West, and Batman coloring book into a new realm; Batman comic books. They were a bundle of odd single issues and one from an arch to which I never read the complete story. Being from the early 70′s (Though I discovered them in the early 80′s.), they were dark, more action packed, and – at that time – more mature than anything I had read to that point. I was hooked.

Yes, comics were going to be what I was going to do when I grew up. I knew it, I could feel it. Comics were the best thing ever! And I was going to live the glamorous life of a comic book creator; my creation world renowned. And on that day, you could say, the first survey of my imagination was taken; the first ties leveled for a rail to be nailed down to them.

That was thirty years ago. Today, looking back down the line, I can see the tracks have twisted and turned down some very different territory than had been initially planned. I discovered other genres; leaving behind superheroes. I took some time off to consider the field of animation. I battled cancer. And I tried out the stage for a few years, too.

But, eventually, I came back to the one thing I loved the most. Comics.

When I say that Neverland Transit Authority isn’t one year old, I’m not just being metaphorical, though. No, this is actually its third go around; having misfired once, and come crashing to a halt after that. But, like the winding rails that have brought me here, I have learned from the derailments, hijacks, and boiler valve failures. Eventually I got this little engine of a comic back on the rails, and that’s the year we celebrated this past weekend.

While, yes, I’m not where I figured I’d be when I’d be here, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience I never knew was out there; both in storytelling, and in life. It’s been one heck of a ride, so far. With any luck, it gets wackier from here.

Happy first year, Neverland Transit Authority; the little comic that could.