Friday, May 6, 2011

It’s the winds of change that fill the sails of our souls, moving us along the course of our lives. However, sometimes those winds are a gail force storm, leaving you a bit too sea sick to really tell where you’re going…
< Regular readers will probably have noted, by now, that there hasn’t been too much regular going on, here, for a couple weeks, now. Between death, near death, reunions, car wrecks, and operational turmoil both here, at Grand Central, and abroad in my life, there’s been a real issue, as of late, keeping the pressure up in the boiler. The engine keeps stalling along the line, here and there.

But, I’m pretty sure the chewing gum will hold until we can get to the next station, where I can affect some real repairs. Galactic Gun should return next Friday, as well as more issues of Stuff, too. And don’t forget to visit The Conductor’s Office for near daily funnies, commentary, and random weirdness, too.

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