Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stuff: Cherry to a Lemon

Despite what he may tell you, there really isn’t anything too terribly exotic about The Dangermouse. He’s just a base model, white, four door, 2003 Chevy Caviler.

Come to think on it, that actually does make him pretty unique, the fact that there really aren’t too many of this particular flavor rolling around the highways and biways. So, naturally, when I come up next to one, say at a random market parking lot, it’s cause for a moment’s pause.

This particular moment highlighted what just a little basic care can do for any vehicle. You see, I pamper DM just a little; annual tune ups, transmission service, paying a little extra for good fuel, and so on. Minus a few scrapes, he’s practically in the same shape I got him eight years ago. And me and him? Yeah, we’re tight. Me and The Dangermouse until one of us finally makes for the big garage in the sky.

Spanky, over there? Yeah, he looked like an extra from a Mad Max movie. I mean he was absolutely Ghetto fabulous. In fact, when I pointed out they had a reverse light out, they were still trying to MacGuyver a repair through all the dangling wires when we left after shopping.

The Dangermouse will leave Grand Central and be in Disneyland a little over five hours later and still have almost a quarter tank left. No offense to Spanky, but I wouldn’t have trusted him to get me across town.

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