Friday, November 25, 2011

Stuff: Double Dipped

Ah, Casa de la Niner, the stately manor serving as guise for the notorious Karaoke Cave; secret hide out of the local bay area celebrity karaoke host Roger Niner, and his band of merry musical misfits! If you happen to be in the San Francisco peninsula, then you should definitely come catch one of his shows; where our motto is "Go epic, or go home."

We also love our salsa... We love it very much. Salsa can be serious business, let me tell you. Of course, it's not the size of your tortilla chip, but how much guacamole you can get on it.

No, really, it is, you chip size queens! Now, pass the salt and pour me another Pacifico; we still got a bag of these left and someone just popped open a fresh jar!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Stuff: "World, shut your mouth!"

No, really; I don't even know where to begin...

Look, world, you've kind of got me a little urked, here. I mean, what was the point of surviving a warped childhood - complete with bullying, bitter divorce, near fatal accidents, and cancer - to work hard to become a meaningful, polite, caring man, eager to be part of all of this... TO HAVE YOU TURN AROUND AND COMPLETELY JERK YOURSELF AROUND?!


Civil liberties practically out the window, the uneducated trying to mar what's left of our education system, social and political unrest around the world - along with government upheavals, and class war erupting all around. Religion versus Science, the 99% against the 1%, Muslims against... well... everybody, secret oil pipelines threatening our wildlife, the Constitution versus corporations, industry against progress, traditionally Nor Cal comic cons being stolen away to Los Angeles...

Man, it's like the beginning to a cliche riddled post apocalyptic Scifi novel. Actually, it is. Mine.

Well, to be precise, mine and a whole lot of first year writers. Something a bunch of us commented on, back at a gathering at an A.P.E. a few years back.

Look, I'm just a cartoonist. Okay, an ordained cartoonist, sure. But just a cartoonist, none the less. Still, this doesn't really seem all that hard to me. Everyone carries their fair share. EVERYONE. You really can have enough cash, honest. Even if it's for nothing more than self betterment, everyone should have access to higher education. And, when we're all healthy, we all win. Religion is personal; it has no place making policy. Love is universal; no matter who it's between. (Within reason, of course.) Clean energy can work in tandem with traditional fuel sources to help move us into the future, while leaving us a hospitable planet to live in.

Our existence is a precious gift; tenuous, at best, in the vast cosmos. And, for the moment, we are all alone in it. But we've already come so far. And, if we can survive this very tumultuous time, we can take our destined place out among the stars.

But, first, we're going to have to learn to get along with each other, respect each other, and put aside greed, superstition, and fear in order to pull together. Because, only when we can find a way to unite ourselves as one peoples across the globe, will we be able to reach for the heavens.

Peace and Grace be with you; may we all have the courage to get our heads out of our arses, and take the first steps into our brighter tomorrows

Friday, November 18, 2011


Yeah, I know I said there'd be a break, last week. But, we've got a good head of steam, now, and I don't want to lose this momentum. That, and a few folks got to asking if there'd be any new updates. So, that being said, look for... I hope... three new updates for Stuff next week.

And, don't forget, Galactic Gun: The Adventures of Justin Bailey returns December 2nd with the short "Bookmarks".

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a whole lot of art to get done, and only so much scotch to get it done with...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stuff: One in Fifty

There's no doubt that right now, in America, things are - for the most part - in a state of upheaval. And while light hearted, funny parodies abound. I, myself, get to take part in my own meme.. (Check out the fun facts section. Get it now?)