Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stuff: Meta-log

You know, as stoked as I am about Stuff being as popular as it is, or even "Double Dipped" going mini viral, last week, it puzzles me about the popularity of the two titles.

Really, traffic indicators show that more of you like to read Stuff - the throw away comic - than Galactic Gun, for which I toil over relentlessly.


I mean, Justin has a point; he is, generally, more interesting than me. At least I think so. I'm just an awkward little man getting by in a crazy big old world; who feels the need to, occasionally, share his uniquely skewed perspective on his condition.

Inspired by the bio comics, like Emitown, that I have enjoyed over the years, I started Stuff as filler, with the side benefit of connecting with readers and expressing some ideas. I never dreamed that, as the narrative grew and took shape, so, too, would its popularity. Not that I don't mind the attention.

Go figure...

The Galactic Gun short, "Bookmarks", starts next. Do the guy a favor and read it, will you? And don't forget to hit up the last story "Pocket Full of Posies", too. It would mean a lot to us both.

(I wonder how meta it really is that Justin and I are arguing in a comic about our comics. Or, is it revealing too much about my internal monologue?)

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