Monday, February 27, 2012

Stuff: Awtta be in Pictures

I may have created a series of monsters...

Lately people have been actually auditioning for a spot in Stuff. No, really; people have been suggesting things for strips. Or, better yet, after a funny happens, someone looks at me and says; "Bet that'll make a good 'Stuff', huh?" Like here.

And then, when I asked for a quick head pick, they sent glam shots...

Eventually I got something to work with, and their comic will come up in a couple of weeks. But there's two lessons to learn, here; one for me, and one for all those in my little world.

1. I need to take better, private, secret notes on my friends' funnies and how they look.
2. If you are in my world, you're gonna, sooner or later, end up here. It may not always be the way you'd hoped...

Carry on, my wayward son.

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