Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stuff: Big Brother, My Employer...

Okay, so... WHAT. THE. HELL?!

As we've been discussing, here on Stuff, I've decided to return to school, get my degree, and start doing this whole legitimate artist thing. But my financial aid is only going to go so far. I'm going to need to go and get me some part time work in order to make up the difference.

No bid deal, right? I mean, I used to do retail; even a little management and third key type stuff.

But, just to get a job stocking shelves at one particular art store, I had to fill out a one hour online application that included 260 personality questions and a ten minute timed math and logic test. (More shocking if you've ever been to this store and seen who actually stocks the shelves.) It took my a half hour of the same nonsense just to apply to a big box store tool retailer.

And, yes, in every case - for each of the ten, or so, applications I've filled out, now - I've had to authorize a full background and criminal check, list where I've levied over the last seven years, and sign off I'm prepared to submit to a drug test.

And all this just so I can work a part time job for near minimum wage putting junk on shelves and running a register.

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