Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stuff: Whiskey in the Tub-O

Ah, the photogenic duo of Pat and Heidi...

Many, in America, might not think much of former president Jimmy Carter. But, he did give us back the right to home brew; sparking the micro-brew beer revolution. This, thought, did not repeal the ban on home distilling. However, you can buy an aging kit, where the distilled whiskey is already done, and all you do is add the barrel and a little of your time, and patience.

And a bathroom fixture.

Pat and Heidi are dear, close friends made back from on old contract gig with a travel agency. Both have the gift of a great eye for photography, as well as being talented artists and crafters. It's there work that's featured on NTA's last CD give away. You can also see more of Heidi's work at her Flickr gallery.

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