Friday, May 11, 2012

Stuff: Overjoyed

I have a cousin who, once a quarter, or so, throws this big second hand sale at the county fair grounds where she lives. It's a big to do; second hand sellers of baby and toddler supplies hand off their merchandise to her to sell for commissions. Running four days, it's often very busy; packed with shoppers, kids, and families of many walks of life.

This year I ended up doing a little work for her. Well, let me tell you, what an adventure. And I have come to a single conclusion...

My choice to not have kids isn't really all that wrong.

Sure, once I thought I'd settle down, find the right woman, and help birth a couple new terrors into the world. But, then, my life got a little too busy, and a little too adventurous, and a host of other things that pretty much told me that, yeah, kids... not gonna happen. Ever. I mean, I can't even imagine what it'd be like to slow down, like that, and root myself to one place for that.

But, before you get all accusing of me being all down on marriage, and all, best take a look at the part of the above comic you can't see; what's going on with our disheveled couple's other hands...


Okay, okay, that's enough of the mushies. I've got committed bachelor things to go do. Peace and grace be with you... and your families; however they may be made.

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