Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stuff: Single-arity

In the beginning, there was nothing...

Well, not quite. You see, in the beginning there was the singularity; an infinite point in space containing all things. And, for some reason we don't know - and may never know - that point, pretty much, expanded into the universe, through a series of heat ups and cool downs; where stars formed, died, and cast their materials into the voids to become the very stuff that you and I come from, today.

So, maybe, in a poetic way, it is the struggle of all things to return to that one state; where man and woman merge to form of one mind and body, a most perfect union. Perhaps, in some spiritual way, this is the drive of all life; to be as one with all things as it was in the beginning.

Of course, whether sage, or scientist, this was two single Sagan clones waxing the philosophies of quantum time and space over pints in a bar in downtown Burlingame, California. That's not, exactly conducive to getting our merge on with the universe, if you know what I mean.