Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stuff: Good Night, Travel Well...

Paul Francis Yaggy
August 1923 to August 2012
Patriot to his country,
Father to his family
Devout to his god
The idea of summing up Paul Yaggy, my grandfather, in a few simple words was no easy task. Indeed, I think I failed. You see, there was nothing simple about my grandfather. With dreams of being a train engineer, he ended up serving the US Navy, NASA, and, eventually, joining the family business as a missionary to the world.
Being about as diametrically opposite from him as I could be, we were never so close, until the end. And though, over the years, we butted heads on many, many things, I am proud to say that this man was my grandfather.
On the morning of August 20th, grandpa passed peacefully - surrounded by family, in his home - and joined his beloved wife, Dorothy. They will be missed by their family. They will be missed by their friends. They will be missed by all those that loved them.
Most of all, they will be so terribly, terribly missed by me.
Grand Central will reopen, again, in September. We, here, at Neverland Transit Authority, would like to thank you for your patronage.