Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gettin' Baked

From the Mind of Miss J:

Baking is a science… It’s all about chemistry and timing, only without the Bunsen burner

Given that truth, it is unsurprising that a scientific individual, like IronChuck, would be attracted to it. That said, his approach to baking is surprisingly unscientific. Rather, he comes at baking from a place of complete and utter abandon, with child-like enthusiasm that flies in the face of conventional baking wisdom. (particularly when there is a full six pack of Anchor Steam’s “Christmas in a Bottle” in the mix!)

I read something, once, about baking with children, which is what this experience most closely resembles. There are two ways to do it… 

One is the French way, in which preschoolers learn patience and independence by baking on their own. Sort of like executive function training with more butter. The other way is just to give in and embrace the chaos…

I’m not ashamed to admit it. I like order in the kitchen. Some would call me OCD, or Monica… They would not be far off… LOL… but neat-freakishness aside, there are simple rules to baking that make everything work better, in terms of the end product. When you roll out dough the idea is to handle it as few times as possible, or you run the risk of tough cookies. (tough cookies… heh-heh) Once you’ve rolled it out, you make the most efficient arrangement with your cookie cutters, possible, so you don’t have to re-roll the dough…

That is, of course, unless you ascribe to the IronChuck School of Baking, in which you roll your dough until it screams for mercy, and then proceed to jam your first cookie cutter right smack in the middle, then stick the rest of the cutters on the dough any which way… Then you pick up the dough and smash the Hell out of it, and then roll it out again, repeating the cookie cutter dance (and there really was a dance…) until you eventually run out of dough… This goes a long way to explaining the pained expression he has drawn on the face of yours truly, in the above comic.

I nearly had an aneurysm… He laughed at me… a LOT… and a “Stuff” was born… In the end, the cookies came out just fine, in spite of the man-handled dough… (we actually ate half of them, right out of the oven… the angels’ wings kept “breaking off”…) but that’s just the magic of being IronChuck.

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