Thursday, January 17, 2013

Game of Boards

So, it seems board games have changed a lot, since the last time I was a t a game night; much longer than I care to admit to, thankyouverymuch.

That night I was greeted to Mansions of Madness; the sort of bastard love child of Dungeons and Dragons and Clue. My esteemed host, the venerable Roger Niner had set out, in front of me, a sectioned map like board of a large, spooky, house. And I guided three "investigators"  through it as he, playing as the keeper of the house, played against me to his own ends.

You'd think I, a seasoned RPGer, would have this in my pocket, right? 

Despite being able to work the puzzles, and do a little bit of combat, I was pretty much mansion food before I even got to the second clue. However, because I goofed so bad, I can play that scenario, again, like it was brand new!

So, I guess I'm going to miss my pop-o-matic bubble, and hour glass timer, but now I'm in training to be the best Shaggoth slayer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Bring on the next game night!


Monday, January 7, 2013

Not So Hard Times...

Ah, the mind can be its own worst enemy.

After a couple of really good dinner dates, the girl I have been very, very sweet on and I finally found ourselves on our way to a very passionate place.

Only, it seemed, just one of us got there. While she was waiting for me, I got a little lost in my head with too many expectations and a handful of self conscious doubts. Of course, these things are abound, when you set yourself up for them.

Eventually, though, I finally got there...

Peace and Grace to you; may you find the courage to just be yourself, and that be just good enough for others, regardless of whatever the relationship.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Social Realizing...

Even back in the 1990's, we worried about people who wouldn't - or, as we were discovering, couldn't - unplug from the new technological innovation; the net. After all, we all had lives to live, places to go, and actual people to talk to. Who wanted to sit around all day on a bbc typing away at a chat screen?

 I mean, it wasn't like this net thing was going to be too useful for much more than maybe some quick shopping, getting some fast news, or swapping some naughty pictures. Right?

Of course who can predict the tides of social change? From bbc's sprang up blogs, My Space, Facebook, Twitter, and a host of all kinds of outrageous time eaters; not too mention sites dedicated to link sharing and hungry cats that spoke in bad grammar.

And I have to say it's surprising to look back over nearly forty years, now, and see how we, as a society, socialize with each other so completely differently from how we could have predicted; or feared. Social networking, once the domain of executive and business elites, now is the common place of every man, woman, and child. We can bomb our thoughts out to the world, along with photos, news articles, and even recipes. And we can do it in real time; reaching all way round the globe, practically.

Today, in western societies, it's almost a necessity to have a Facebook or Twitter account, if you want to keep up with friends, or stay relevant with current events; which I found out the hard way when I tried to unplug from it all, last year.

Even in business - like Graphic Design, for example, having a networking presence is vital to keeping up and staying on top. There's even sites like Linkedin; social networking for your resume!

In looking back on it, though, I actually think that some of this real time, all the time, socializing has actually been a step in a positive direction; though I didn't always. In fact, you can follow your Conductor either on Facebook, or Twitter, right now.

Peace and Grace be with you; this is truly the age when we can really reach out and touch someone. So get out there and start socializing!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello, 2013...

So here's something a little different...

After such an epicly challenging year like 2012, it only felt right that I start a second comic tradition; welcoming the new year with plans, hopes, and dreams. And, let me tell you, I sure have a lot of them.

With school trudging right along, I'm using my new found fondness, and unknown ability to actually be a good student, to also push myself to become a better, more well rounded man. This includes leaving the world of design, at times, to try my hand at actual art, like I was young. However, this doesn't not mean I'm going to stay a round man. No, I shed a lot of extra weight in 2012, and I plan to keep it off in 2013, while sculpting myself back into a fit, healthy, and active guy.

This is also the year I get off my duff and get me a second language. It took some thinking, but I'm going to be tackling German. I know that seems a little bit weird, but - believe it, or not - I run into it most in the world of design; among other places.

If you've stopped by The Conductor's Office, at all, then you know that NTA Comics is looking to start up its own band, called National Railway Sound Project. There's one song penned, another nearly complete, and more on the drawing board. So, I'm going to be learning me some music theory, and my old guitar. I may not become a rock star, ever, but at least I can say I gave it my best.

And, finally, 2013 is the year I let go my traditional struggle with old Cupid. Love is a willful act of growing two lives together; it's joined at the heart, not the hip. I guess you could say I'm getting good at relationships from all my failures. I may not find "her" this year, but I'm going to be more willing to try; more willing to share, and more ready to accept.

Peace and Grace to you in this new year; may you make yourself a plan, and it see you through!