Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Social Realizing...

Even back in the 1990's, we worried about people who wouldn't - or, as we were discovering, couldn't - unplug from the new technological innovation; the net. After all, we all had lives to live, places to go, and actual people to talk to. Who wanted to sit around all day on a bbc typing away at a chat screen?

 I mean, it wasn't like this net thing was going to be too useful for much more than maybe some quick shopping, getting some fast news, or swapping some naughty pictures. Right?

Of course who can predict the tides of social change? From bbc's sprang up blogs, My Space, Facebook, Twitter, and a host of all kinds of outrageous time eaters; not too mention sites dedicated to link sharing and hungry cats that spoke in bad grammar.

And I have to say it's surprising to look back over nearly forty years, now, and see how we, as a society, socialize with each other so completely differently from how we could have predicted; or feared. Social networking, once the domain of executive and business elites, now is the common place of every man, woman, and child. We can bomb our thoughts out to the world, along with photos, news articles, and even recipes. And we can do it in real time; reaching all way round the globe, practically.

Today, in western societies, it's almost a necessity to have a Facebook or Twitter account, if you want to keep up with friends, or stay relevant with current events; which I found out the hard way when I tried to unplug from it all, last year.

Even in business - like Graphic Design, for example, having a networking presence is vital to keeping up and staying on top. There's even sites like Linkedin; social networking for your resume!

In looking back on it, though, I actually think that some of this real time, all the time, socializing has actually been a step in a positive direction; though I didn't always. In fact, you can follow your Conductor either on Facebook, or Twitter, right now.

Peace and Grace be with you; this is truly the age when we can really reach out and touch someone. So get out there and start socializing!

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