Thursday, January 17, 2013

Game of Boards

So, it seems board games have changed a lot, since the last time I was a t a game night; much longer than I care to admit to, thankyouverymuch.

That night I was greeted to Mansions of Madness; the sort of bastard love child of Dungeons and Dragons and Clue. My esteemed host, the venerable Roger Niner had set out, in front of me, a sectioned map like board of a large, spooky, house. And I guided three "investigators"  through it as he, playing as the keeper of the house, played against me to his own ends.

You'd think I, a seasoned RPGer, would have this in my pocket, right? 

Despite being able to work the puzzles, and do a little bit of combat, I was pretty much mansion food before I even got to the second clue. However, because I goofed so bad, I can play that scenario, again, like it was brand new!

So, I guess I'm going to miss my pop-o-matic bubble, and hour glass timer, but now I'm in training to be the best Shaggoth slayer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Bring on the next game night!


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