Sunday, February 10, 2013


 On the heels of awkward and painful moments comes the social pitfalls of being in your own life's comic, I guess. But, yes; Jodie and I had a nice night out.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Down for Drinks

Okay, so this is probably a little early for my usual Valentine's Day comic, but, unlike Galactic Gun, my life doesn't exactly run off a well timed script. And a lot can happen in the span of seven little days. For me, that went from what I thought was the promise of a budding new relationship to the we're-still-friends thing.

I guess I was so enamored, so full of wonderful feelings, that I couldn't... or just didn't... pick up on certain things. Maybe I got mixed signals, or just got my signals mixed up. It could have also been that, despite my best efforts to rein myself in, I still just came on like gang busters.

All I know is that two weeks ago she wanted to go slow so we didn't screw it up. Last week the "L" word fell from my mouth, and appeared to be very well received. Today she wants to keep in touch, but says we're done seeing each other.

Yeah, I got nuthin'.

Well, not true. I got as close as I have been to really in love in quite some time. I got to share some time with one of most incredible women in my life. And I got to tell that woman how I felt; even if that ended up sealing our fate, as it were. So, yeah, this is really gonna hurt for a while, but will still be a nice, fond something to cherish when the healing is all done.

And, of course, true to my word, I am still keeping the truce with Cupid, as I promised back at the top of the year...
Peace and Grace be with you; may your heart know those things that will lift your spirit and guide your hands. And may it never forget them, ever.