Friday, March 1, 2013

Getting on...


 As months go, this past February has probably got to be one of the worst on current record...

Not the worst, mind you; that's reserved for a particular August back in 1991.

But, still, it was a particularly tough month; as illustrated by the nearly complete lack of anything going on here, I suppose. Though it did open well enough; school was going good, I returned to working, and was going to make an "okay" wage, and someone special in my life was becoming someone very special in my life.

And then the job turned out to be an absolute nightmare, which impacted school and my health, and very special was too special for someone special in my life. Add to that we finally began closing out the estate of my late grandparents; which had a bigger impact on me that I ever thought would.

It's fair to say I found myself in more than just a little funk; I was outright depressed. Things were rough for a while, walking around all battered and raw. But then I got to remembering the words of an American poet...

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I'm still in a walking funk - dark clouds still linger, just a little, but I'm pushing ahead, getting out, and getting things done. Like Robert says, life goes on, and so will I. I've got a new hobby, I'm being social, and I'm sticking to it with school and other projects.

Slowly, things will get back to normal, and we'll be seeing more comics, here, at Grand Central. Hopefully, with any luck, and a little hard work, a few special announcements, too.

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