Thursday, March 21, 2013

In Crisis

Just a couple days ago it became apparent to me that something had become very different in my life. Just a couple days ago I could tell there was a certain urgency, suddenly, in my life. Just a couple days ago everything I was doing seemed to matter, just a little more.

Just a couple days ago I turned 39.

So, yeah, here begins my mid-life crisis.  It's not completely unique, though. I have to admit I'm trying to look and act as young as possible; despite changes to my body. And, boy, let me tell you; am I ever getting all introspective about all the things I have, and haven't, done.

But where it gets different from other buddies I've known and lost to their mid-life crises is how it seems to be manifesting itself. Seems like, while most guys are busy trying to recapture some magic of their youth, and assert themselves as still a viable, dominate male, I'm putting my energies into making myself into, as I see it, a complete man; educated, experienced, and with a body of accomplishments I can look back on and be proud of.

In short, while they're off trying to relive their glory days, I'm working to make mine now.

School has moved from an Associates degree to a full blown Bachelors. Over at The Conductor's Office I've been posting up lyrics for the band I'm putting together. I've begun a couple new hobbies, like photography, that also tie in with Graphic Design. I'm broadening my art horizons. I've changed my look, some, and have put a huge effort into getting healthy. And I'm exploring, and challenging, every notion I've held, at this point, about life, and how to live it.

It's sort of my own "re-branding", to borrow a Graphic Design term; same product, but with a new look, and an expanding range of goods. Not that I'd pass up the idea of a hot, young, girlfriend, mind you. I mean, I may be "enlightened" all the sudden... but, hey, I'm still a guy.

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  1. Heh. Yer not the only one amigo. My MLC involved going back to school, new hobbies to broaden my horizons, and a crap-ton of "actual responsibility". I think it has something to do with the fact that folks like you and I raised several lifetimes worth of hell in our younger years, so now, all we really can do to credibly rebel is, well, y'know.

    Become better.