Monday, April 22, 2013


I've received more than a few comments in the last couple weeks from folks noting the absence of new comics here, at Neverland Transit Authority; either Stuff, or Galactic Gun. 
And there's been a good reason...

Things have been rather crapped out at Grand Central for a little while, now.

The new quarter at school has started, the family is working to liquidate the estate of my now late grandparents, the day job is taking its toll, and things in my personal life 
have been less than stellar, as of late. 

These things have added up to create a bit of a block. And, wow; is it a big block. 

Hey, c'mon; I'm only human, too. Well... mostly. I get to have my share of shitty times, as well, right?
Eh, screw you; the funnies return next week, then.  

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