Thursday, June 6, 2013

Out of Right Field...

Conversations can ebb and flow in all manner of ways. But, rest assured, if Moxie's anywhere near by, she'll take it so far off the map that not even AAA can tow you out if you get stuck. And the more I try to be prepared - keep on my toes, as it were - the better her twisted little mind gets.

She's the perfect foil for those moments when I feel most secure in my manly Charlie-ness; proving how much a sheltered prude I still can be.

Besides being a terrorizing force of nature, Moxie is also quite the accomplished artist; painting in alternative themes. She's sold many pieces and even has a piece hanging up in Grand Central Station.
art by Moixe Dentice
art by Moxie Dentice

Today's adventure happened during a fund raiser for a friend of ours that was recently seriously hurt on the job. Her art was on sale with 100% of the proceeds going to help.Proving that her heart is as big as her mouth. But, to be fair, she's a bit of a big sweetie. In fact she's a lot like this...

There, let's see what she does with that...


  1. Chuck!!! Don't go telling people I have a soft and gooey insides!!! Ice water runs through these veins I tell you! ICE WATER!!!!

  2. You're making me thirsty Moxie. It's hot here.