Wednesday, December 31, 2014

So long 2014; the year I almost wasn't...

It's quite a thing to be able to look back on a year and actually point to a moment when you were about two days from dead.

That being said... with a bit of a shudder... this was the year, alright. Life became damn near hopeless, and everything seemed to be coming down around me. And then, just when it seemed it couldn't get any damn worse, it got worse. On June 1st - National Cancer Survivor's Day, in an ironic twist - I was admitted to Kaiser hospital with congestive heart failure; later to be discovered as brought on by serious scarring of my heart due to radiation damage from surviving my lymphoma and subsequent treatments when I was seventeen. Talk about a three hit combo; turning forty, finding a naked patch of scalp, and then - WHAM! - heart failure. No, not midlife crisis, much, huh?

But, at the close of this tumultuous year, I am not only making the climb back to healthy, but to a renewed sense of self and creativity. Probably aided by the fact that, due to recovery and being on disability, my life is pretty much at zero. So, with nothing else much left to lose...

Nah, it's not all that, really. But, with school nearly done, and some other options now opening to me, I finally feel more in line with the zany self I used to be. So, here's to hoping, here's to trying, and here's to a new page.

Hello, 2015... Bring it.   

Friday, February 14, 2014

Steppin' Out on Cupid...

Holy cow! A comic!!!!!

Yep, who could pass up the traditonal Valentine's Day comic? Not I, not when it's usually either poinant or funny. Or both.

This one, however... Well, no lie; it's been a busy few months, to say the least. (I mean, this is the first comic in nearly two months, for crying out loud.) School has hit a few more set backs. Work ended ubruptly, and is now skipping around like an old scratchy LP. (Kids, ask your parents.) And my artistic soul has only now managed to climb its way out of a deep dark pit of dumb.

And in just thirty three day I turn forty!

Needless to say I have been busy. Getting my shit together is quite the undertaking. So, I haven't really had the time to get into any romantic hijinks, this past year... which I can't beleive I am actually apologizing for.

At any rate, life is about to resume. So, look for new comics about your friendly neighborhood Conductor, and your favorite space hopping smuggler, soon. Hopefully, in the next thirty three days they'll be more comics, news, and other fun stuff to report.

Until then, I am your Conductor...

*I relaized, after the fact, that panel five ended up being too small. If you can't read the note, here:

"Hey buddy,
Life got really busy this year.
maybe next time?