Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Perchance to Dream...

Ah, there's nothing like tradition. And here it is; the traditional Valentine's Day comic. (Give or take a day or two.)

And let's face it guy geeks nerds (Yes, there is a marked difference, here.) we're all dreaming of that hot in a business suit, big head brain smart, tough as nails, yet sensitive and caring in a feminine way babe to come swinging down into our lives, find us completely irresistible, and decide to plunge ever forward into that bright tomorrow of sex and adventure.

But, in reality, we're just happy if a nice enough looking girl so much as notices us. Ah, life...

Of course, though not in the head of a girl geek nerd (And I'm going to avoid all the cliches with that.) I can only speculate that it's probably about the same.

Oh well, Happy Valentine's Day, dear readers. Here's to dinners, roses, and making babies!