Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pocket Full of Posies: Chapter 1 Page 2

It’s a documented fact that throughout the known and established territories there are quite the great number of social and negotiation rituals. These have spanned everything from formal dinner parties and ceremony down to the trading of trinkets and even animals.

Each one has its own unique symbolism and tradition, traceable all the way back deep into the Second Space Age of Man. They can be as complex and as diverse as the histories from which they are birthed. When reaching out to begin deep space trade routes, the first ambassadorial parties from the Corporate Commonwealth encountered and noted them all. However, one that stands out, now, in reading is the signing of what has come to be known as the Parvel Treaty; granting access to the then young  Commonwealth of various established trade routes through a contested area of space.

Parvel, in those days, was the strategic flash point around a territorial skirmish between two systems; each claiming heredity rights over the moon of Parvel, a gas giant whose orbit took it close to a mineral rich asteroid field. Looking to settle a town facility on the moon, neither side was willing to share with the other, leaving Captain Dore with a unique opportunity to try at some diplomacy.

Unfortunately for the captain, he was much better at command than he was at being a diplomat, and his actions unintentionally made the situation even worse; as he didn’t understand the histories and customs of the two parties involved.  All seemed lost, and the captain’s team was about to give up and withdraw when a very unorthodox approach was attempted.

The exact turn of events that lead to it are argued over, but the next result was the same; Captain Dore suggested, and then presided over, a poker tournament.

As the neutral arbiter, Dore supplied the few decks he had from his ship’s rec room. The better players of his crew dealt, and the specific points and concessions over the moon of Parvel were hammered out over the following 72 hours; resulting in a shared joint venture between all three parties. When Parvel finally fell under Commonwealth control, its moon a bustling business center, a monument was erected to the auspicious, if not out-of-the-ordinary negotiations. To this day, the three day memorial card tournament is known to attract players of all levels across the Commonwealth with dreams of fame and fortune.

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