Friday, June 19, 2015

Stuff: Meeting of the Market Minds...

Sure has been a while since we've had a Stuff, here, hasn't it? Well, life's been rather busy; school, health issues, and... working on someone else's comic...?!

That's right; you're friendly neighborhood Conductor is lending his helping hands to his good friends Chunky Girls Comics. (or here, on Twitter.) I'm working with their staff to get some traction on their premiere title; The Heavy Response Unit. A beautiful bunch of ladies who are out to set things right in a body image obsessed world.

Unfortunately this has bitten into my time for Galactic Gun, and it seems Justin Bailey has gotten restless and is trying to mingle his way into some action. But don't worry, dear readers; we're getting back on track with our space worthy adventures in the coming couple weeks. Galactic Gun returns July 7th.

Hopefully I can keep him out of trouble until then...

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pocket Full of Posies Chapter 1 page 6

"That I should be so far from my world, but always a friendly mug in my hand, 
then truly I am always home"
- Arlington "Hops" Yerba

Deep into the Second Space Age, man began to settle planet side where he could find habitable lands. And, while some needed a little more help than others, settle he did. In the earliest of day of the new frontier colony movement, great attention was taken to figuring out what kinds of necessities could be grown in the new alien soils. This included all kinds of vegetables, fruits, and other flora that was not either edible, or usable in fortifying the new frontier.

Many advances were made - and even founded - in off world horticulture, in regards to creating sustainable food supplies. But, it was the risky venture by one enterprising beer enthusiast that forever changed the face of deep space life. Indeed, to this day, Arlington "Hops" Yerba is still highly regarded as one of the great pioneers in the foundations of space civilization.

And all because he couldn't find a bar.

Like many before him, Hops was born on Mars, and then took to the new wave of space migration with the promise of riches and great new opportunities among the stars. And, like most, he mainly found a lot of toil, danger, and death. But he managed to make a living as a transport pilot; making cargo runs along the Sagan corridor to various outposts and settlements. Always looking to unwind from the stress and danger of his work, Hops, like many, turned to in-ship stilling as a way to produce cheap spirits.

In-ship stilling, however, could be hazardous; stilling was combustible, which is not good in an enclosed, oxygen rich, environment. Not to mention highly illegal. And, since there was no trade on non-essential food stuffs in the early days, the only time an early star hopper could find a cold pint is when he made his way back to Mars.

It was this fact Hops was pondering, after a run, in a bar in New Francisco, when he decided to take a huge risk. Settling up his shipping business, he bought some brewing supplies, got himself a small parcel of land on a smaller farming colony, and - against the advice of friends, and in the face of certain failure - began the business of brewing beer.

Needless to say, with the sudden influx of cheap, easy to get booze, Hops became a wealthy man in just one cycle. His operations expanded, he set the model for future breweries and distilleries to venture out into space; bringing with them a new culture of taverns, bars, pubs, and a supporting economic social life to trade centers across the frontier.

At the one year anniversary of his passing, close friends and admires gathered to continue a tradition started by Hops, himself; to have a pint at each new bar that sprung up among the territories. And so, the Intergalactic Pub Crawl Team was formed. Traveling in small groups, or sometimes alone, they make their way across the known universe; cataloging every known watering hole and drink served there in. Though a private club, they work to continually publish, and update their findings, in hopes of sharing Hops' love of brew with all.