Friday, June 19, 2015

Stuff: Meeting of the Market Minds...

Sure has been a while since we've had a Stuff, here, hasn't it? Well, life's been rather busy; school, health issues, and... working on someone else's comic...?!

That's right; you're friendly neighborhood Conductor is lending his helping hands to his good friends Chunky Girls Comics. (or here, on Twitter.) I'm working with their staff to get some traction on their premiere title; The Heavy Response Unit. A beautiful bunch of ladies who are out to set things right in a body image obsessed world.

Unfortunately this has bitten into my time for Galactic Gun, and it seems Justin Bailey has gotten restless and is trying to mingle his way into some action. But don't worry, dear readers; we're getting back on track with our space worthy adventures in the coming couple weeks. Galactic Gun returns July 7th.

Hopefully I can keep him out of trouble until then...

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