Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pocket Full of Posies Chapter 1 Page 9

"One is to expect," opens Doctor Mellvorne's paper on advanced applied integrated bionics, "that in a culture where the fabrication of human physiology can become so routine that its impact upon not only the medical sciences, but on the very fabric of society, will no doubt be felt in waves, not ripples."

Applied integrated bionics, also known as AIB, has been a viable and well practiced option in the repair and replacement of soft tissues and organ systems for going well past the last two centuries; now part of nearly every medical facility within the Commonwealth as well as most major worlds outside of it. Where stem-clone-specific replacement is not possible, this tried and true practice is implemented at such a level as to be considered art, in the medical professions.

Not such the case, however, in Dr. Mellvorne's day. As a pioneer in the field, he and his colleagues faced what then could only have been seen as nearly insurmountable challenges in the design and implementation of grafting artificial rebuilds into organic systems. And it's a matter of record the successes and failures he and his team achieved in their time; unlocking the intricacies of the endocrine system, learning to translate neural input and regulate output feeds, and engineering biothermal power.

Today in the Corporate Commonwealth we take full advantage of, and thrive from, his discoveries and innovations. And through the application of AIB into full cybernetics, man has been able to extend his life, cure the incurable, and treat the untreatable. Where it is the best option, it has returned functionality to the crippled and helped to return war vets into active service for their communities and their society.

And perhaps Dr. Mellvorne would be proud to see the application of his discoveries; allowing longer life and purpose to everyone; working to make a better tomorrow throughout the Commonwealth.   

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Stuff: I'm so plattered...

Packing?! Is Neverland Transit Authority going away? Moving to far distant lands?

Well, no, not quite. Like many in the greater Silicon Valley, I just fell prey to the real estate market out here. And rent on my beautiful and stately home has more than doubled, to be effective September. So, here I am, desperately looking for an affordable place to live with no luck; trying to figure on moving the entirety of my stuff, or having to pack it into storage for some unknown amount of time.

Well, all but this one plate that was just a bit too slippery to hold onto as I washed the dishes. Okay, so that's one less thing to move.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pocket Full of Posies Chapter 1 page 8

Stellar Regional Patrol and Peace Enforcement is a confederated union of conscripted able bodied men and women whose ideals and commitments are of the highest order; dedicated to the concept that rule of law should extend beyond the reaches of civilization, the Corporate COmmonwealth, and into the out reaches of known space.

Working from a networked set of regionally positioned central bases squads are assembled from the best of local law enforcement and armed forces of kingdoms, colonies, and nation-states in a concerted effort to rein in the criminal element that would otherwise ravage the outer rim and unaffiliated worlds outside of the Commonwealth. The goal is to insure the safety of commerce and travel for citizens of the Commonwealth outside its territories and strengthen the rule of law for those who would see a better world for it.

Or, at least, that's the line served at the recruiting stations.

Asking anyone who happens to live, work, and travel in areas under the Stellar Regional Patrol and Peace Enforcement - most commonly known as just "Patrol" - and they will paint you a picture of what is essentially an armed band of thugs with badges; violent, often misplaced war veterans and cast offs from worlds that could find no better a thing to do by them but to give them a badge and set them lose into space where they could do little harm to anyone of any great significance.

And there may be some good truth in this idea. One only needs to review such cases as the Drabmen Importers affair to see evidence of this. When Patrol originally stopped an inbound freighter under Drabmen contract it was claimed for improper registration of goods. Though, after the bodies had been removed, and the cargo cataloged, was it discovered that this was not the case at all; all papers were in order. The surviving members of the Drabmen guild... both of them... also sited in their depostion that a number of items were missing that had been accounted for at launch.

Though a complaint was launched, no charges were filed, and the officers involved were cleared of any wrong doing or use of excessive force by a department investigation. During a follow up investigation, the remaining two members of the Drubman guild could not be located despite evidence they had begun to rebuild their importing business. With no surviving witnesses the case was eventually closed.

There is also a second theory that Patrol is actually funded by The Corporate Commonwealth as a way to subvert territorial treaties and set up the ground work for a structured take over of commercial interests, to cement a world's induction. While Patrol has had joint operations with Commonwealth forces, these have been with complete transparency and following all protocols and treaty obligations. Officially the Commonwealth is all too happy to help spread the security and stability of the rule of law to the outer worlds not yet in its jurisdiction.

The rights to regulation and stability are happily shared and fostered by The Corporate Commonwealth who gladly share them with all eager life in the galaxy.

Saturday, July 18, 2015


The last year has been a bit of an uphill battle; what with my health, money, and my education. And I thought I was finally making a couple break throughs this past month; getting both back into a working form of health, and getting accepted in Cogswell Polytechnic to further my knowledge base and earn me a Bachelors degree in Design - focusing on entertainment design.

But always be suspect of good times and easy paths, I suppose.

When there's no price tag on something out right, and you have to ask a series of questions to find out why, even with a loan, you still need to pay cash out of pocket for school...? Yeah, it's going to hurt. I mean, I could tear my life asunder trying to keep my place for next year. However, is that going to be worth the inevitable outcome of debt and damage to my social and art life?

No, probably not.

However, I am just one class from an Associates degree over at good old Footfill College. And though an A.A. isn't enough to go pro in the industry, it does have a wedge like power to open doors. Not too mention I can keep taking extra classes to further my knowledge base. making me Mr. Irons the Big Brain.

But not going to fib; this is a big disappointment. One I will no doubt rise against, of course. But it's going to make life more... interesting. Hey, at least my life is never boring... not that I couldn't go for a little change of pace after the first forty one years.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Stuff: Doing the do that old men do...

I guess there's something poetically ironic about a guy who was known his entire life for having the mop with a life of its own now facing this little gift of impending seniority.

It starts innocently enough; a few extra hairs in the shower drain. Then there's a few errant hairs here and there. And then one day you're all; "I guess it's time to get a short haircut because I don't want to be THAT GUY...". (You know who he is; long pony tail, shiny back of the head.) 

Statistics abound about what is called male pattern baldness, but for a percentage of men - and even some women - hair thinning and loss is a reality, and one that can be both a source of both humor and dread. So much so that even as comfortable as I can be with my physical short comings - I mean, I am only 5'5" - this comic still sat on the back burner for quite sometime before I pulled the trigger on it. (I mean, I just turned forty, then my heart fails, and then this?!)

So the back of my head looks like Moses pulled a Red Sea on my part. That's got very little to do with anything when it comes who I am, what I stand for, and what I can do, right? And, as everyone is quick to point out, it's not that big a thing.Well... maybe not so much for my mom...