Saturday, July 18, 2015


The last year has been a bit of an uphill battle; what with my health, money, and my education. And I thought I was finally making a couple break throughs this past month; getting both back into a working form of health, and getting accepted in Cogswell Polytechnic to further my knowledge base and earn me a Bachelors degree in Design - focusing on entertainment design.

But always be suspect of good times and easy paths, I suppose.

When there's no price tag on something out right, and you have to ask a series of questions to find out why, even with a loan, you still need to pay cash out of pocket for school...? Yeah, it's going to hurt. I mean, I could tear my life asunder trying to keep my place for next year. However, is that going to be worth the inevitable outcome of debt and damage to my social and art life?

No, probably not.

However, I am just one class from an Associates degree over at good old Footfill College. And though an A.A. isn't enough to go pro in the industry, it does have a wedge like power to open doors. Not too mention I can keep taking extra classes to further my knowledge base. making me Mr. Irons the Big Brain.

But not going to fib; this is a big disappointment. One I will no doubt rise against, of course. But it's going to make life more... interesting. Hey, at least my life is never boring... not that I couldn't go for a little change of pace after the first forty one years.

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