Saturday, September 5, 2015

Hey, Mr. Wilson!

Everybody's favorite "Merc with a Mouth" has him an unusual issue...

No, it's not his love of chimichangas.

You see, through some extent of events, along with getting his "super powers", Deadpool has become self aware. That is, to say, he knows he's a fictional character. And not just in one book, but in all his books, in every appearance, every fanfic, fan video, in the adverts for his upcoming movie, and - we assume - in the upcoming movie, itself.

While I personally cannot wait to see how this gets tackled in the movie it's by no means an original idea. Many times comic book and cartoon characters have broken the infamous Fourth Wall to speak to their audience. Though, usually it's part of the punchline or gag, and not an outright part of the
character's ability.

It's been proposed before by old religions and even some more modern philosophy about the idea that the whole of existence could be nothing more than someone's dream, and that we could all be running around, going about our business, the background engine that fuels that dream. It's such a thing that a whole branch of science has broken off to uncover any truth to their personal thesis; we are all living in nothing more than a giant hologram.

If you've every stumbled upon a glitch or a "blue hell" in a video game, you can imagine how frightening that idea may be. And remember, when developing a computer animated cartoon, you are essentially building a small world unto itself with its own rules and dimensions.

Personally, I don't really want to delve too much into this whole idea. The mechanics behind such an awareness would be mind altering, if not downright shattering. (Which might actually explain Wade Wilson's particular various instabilities.) But I do wonder what someone like the late Alan Watts would make of a cartoonist's own creation perplexed about the nature of his creator. 

Scheduling Note

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