Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Inktober Confessional

So October is the social media hash-tag season of "#Inktober"; where artists are challenged to create a new composition every day during the month using pretty much nothing but ink pens and/or brushes; no Photoshop, no paint, no pastels, no anything else.

It... can be quite the challenge, indeed; let me tell you what. It's also a great exercise for older folks like me getting back to their roots of old ash can comics and other inking tricks we had to use because we couldn't afford three color process printing or zip tone shading.

Ah... memories. (Kids, ask your artistic parents or elders.)

Today's edition of Stuff - which did really happen to me during Inktober - could be any artist (Cartoonist, Illustrator, "drawer", whatever.) and any bystander, anywhere. Especially when we are challenged to create on the spot, without our various editing tools and crutches we may have added to our palette of tools. It's also  an interesting study in personal perspective. After all, why do I think my work is crap, but other's crap is art?

Today's Stuff was created almost exclusively using pen and ink (with just a little help from the old trusty blue line pencil) in the spirit of the season. If you'd like to see what I've been whipping up for Inktober, check out either my Instagram or my Twitter.

And don't forget to check out all the great work under the hash-tag #Inktober, too!


From The Conductor's Office:

For the few of you who have been reading Galactic Gun, it will be returning in December. Sorry for the delays; life is... well... life. And, as always, thanks for your ridership on NTA Comics!