Sunday, January 24, 2016

An Unexpected Turn...

I love living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area; it offers so much for so many. We have such a variety of things to do, places to go, and people to meet. And I do mean all kinds of people. Which makes for a wonderful place to be... but also makes for some interesting challenges while dating.

Twenty years later and now it's us guys' turn to say it; 
why are the good ones always already taken or gay?

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Resolute in 2016

I know; usually I end every year with a "So Long" comic. But 2015 was definitely not one of my more stellar years - though very comic worthy, I admit, so I've thought better to just get right into my goals for 2016.

1. Now that my heart is on the mend I face the argues task of not only building back up my strength and endurance, but also shedding the weight I gained from not being able to do much but sit and not die these past sixteen months. It's going to be a lot of curbing my appetite as well as learning what kind of exercise I can healthfully - and safely - do.

2. For the longest time I've talked about donating to various public radio ventures, charity groups, and indie musical groups. But now I am going to commit to supporting them, as well as doing my damnedest to fight harder - and more vocally - for justice causes in society. I guess you could say I'm about to get my righteous crusader on.

3. Beer. What more can I say? I drink it. I respect it. Maybe I can enjoy the process of making it? (Not to mention get some flavors I've been looking for, and maybe even save some money by not having to buy as much. Who knows, I could even go into business brewing it.)

4. This MUST BE the year Galactic Gun sees print. I'm also working on a couple other titles, and two books, too.

5. I am okay at rendering with a pencil, pen, and a variety of markers and the Grand Central system. But I don't know how content I am to be just a cartoonist. I'm going to have to explore the realm of true art in order to feel fulfilled as a creative spirit.

6. See above, but with music. It's something that really drives me in my whole life. Now I have the undeniable urge to create and speak with it; more than just weekend karaoke can appease. Rime to step up, learn the ins and outs, and put this dream together I call National Railway Sound Project.

7. All this is fine and nice, but would be better with a special someone to share it all with, as well as to share in her adventures, too. So, once again, I'm having a go at trying out this whole "us" thing. I don't know, though; I am notoriously bad at relationships. But I'm having another go at this, with no serious applications turned away without consideration. That may, or may not mean more funny dating comics in the near to not so near future. So, stay tuned!

Happy New Year, Neverland. 
Go out there and take life by the hand 
and go where you lead each other!