Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sleeping Beast

People change through time; it's inevitable. But when you're still friends with long time lovers, and still get to occasionally spend an evening with them, you get to take a whole other type of comparison of them; one based on a more intimate scale. There's a someone who still remains special in my life, and she and I still tend to spend some time together; though it's not with the passion or gusto we shared since we drifted a couple years back.

So it's been interesting to see the changes that have been happening in her life since we've started walking separate paths. You know, the little things; current jobs, new hobbies and interests, becoming a snarling slumber monster in the dead of the night, new favorite food...

Compatibility and love sometimes aren't the same thing when it comes to interpersonal relationships. But we have a friendship based off mutual respect and shared passions that still has a little love in it. Which is good because I don't want to get my face gnawed off in the middle of the night.

Luv ya sho, sweetheart.  

Monday, March 7, 2016

A Binding Work League...

There are few saving graces to the day job. Few.

Actually, there's just generally one; I am not the only long time old school geek at the office. Marketing Mike stumbled his way out of the fan closet early on in my tenure with this exchange as I worked to consolidate office resources. As is often the case, now, we'll catch up on the week's nerdier news, drop old TV references, or break into a song that has had at least one field marketer say; "it's like I need a decoder ring just to know what those two are saying."

I know that today's popular culture embraces things from my youth more openly, if not genuinely. But it's still nice to meet and chat with someone from "the old country", as it is. But then Mike also has his degree in theatre, so I suppose it should be no surprise.

My retort? Why, Justice League Unlimited, of course...