Monday, March 7, 2016

A Binding Work League...

There are few saving graces to the day job. Few.

Actually, there's just generally one; I am not the only long time old school geek at the office. Marketing Mike stumbled his way out of the fan closet early on in my tenure with this exchange as I worked to consolidate office resources. As is often the case, now, we'll catch up on the week's nerdier news, drop old TV references, or break into a song that has had at least one field marketer say; "it's like I need a decoder ring just to know what those two are saying."

I know that today's popular culture embraces things from my youth more openly, if not genuinely. But it's still nice to meet and chat with someone from "the old country", as it is. But then Mike also has his degree in theatre, so I suppose it should be no surprise.

My retort? Why, Justice League Unlimited, of course... 

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