Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sleeping Beast

People change through time; it's inevitable. But when you're still friends with long time lovers, and still get to occasionally spend an evening with them, you get to take a whole other type of comparison of them; one based on a more intimate scale. There's a someone who still remains special in my life, and she and I still tend to spend some time together; though it's not with the passion or gusto we shared since we drifted a couple years back.

So it's been interesting to see the changes that have been happening in her life since we've started walking separate paths. You know, the little things; current jobs, new hobbies and interests, becoming a snarling slumber monster in the dead of the night, new favorite food...

Compatibility and love sometimes aren't the same thing when it comes to interpersonal relationships. But we have a friendship based off mutual respect and shared passions that still has a little love in it. Which is good because I don't want to get my face gnawed off in the middle of the night.

Luv ya sho, sweetheart.  

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