Wednesday, April 6, 2016

R is for...

The Second(ish) week of March usually means a birthday dinner  and catch up with one time NTA Comics Breakman and longtime bestest pal Jocelyn; best known as "Miss J". Both she and Dairy Ninja Don have made quite a few appearances on Stuff because... well... best buds, and stuff. Plus, for a while Grand Central Station shared land space with their home, Highland House.

Don is renowned for his enthusiasm about encountering the strange, wild world of our nerdom. And he does so with gusto; especially when there's beer and wine involved. He's legendary. (It's how he got his handle, after all.)

And there are few things in nerdom as potentially gut wrenchingly off-the-wall in our strange, wild world as furries. In my time as both a creator, and working con ops I have seen some stuff. But furries... Well, it can take all kinds, I suppose. And I know the seedy fetish side of it isn't all of it. No, really; just like not all fan-fic is homo-erotic Disney/anime fantasies. (Some of it's about Sherlock, Decepticons, Avengers, etc...)

But, to our senior slugger, it might as all be from another planet. Luckily he is alien friendly, I suppose. Yeah, he's a good guy, and fun at parties, too.

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