Saturday, August 6, 2016

Stuff: Good night, sweetheart, it's time to go...

For anyone working and living in the bay area...

Wait, let me try that again.

For anyone TRYING to work and live in the bay area, you know the costs you incur just trying to make end's meet. In fact, as many are finding out, unless you're lucky enough to find yourself into the very rare and limited illustrious and coveted high paying positions out here - looking at you, tech people - you really can't; unless you're willing to sacrifice a whole lot to hang onto the notion that, hopefully, someday soon, things will sing the other way around here.

Me? I'm a native born and raised, and I've seen it go from bad to worse in my forty two years here, with no indications it's going to get any better. So, when I finally hit the line where I wasn't willing to go below - you know; self respect, dignity, the idea that maybe - just maybe - one could eek out more than mere existence here...

Well, I gave it a go asking my employer for a cost of living adjustment; because even though my salary was generous... ANYWHERE ELSE IN MY THIS COUNTRY... it was falling way short here. I presented my manager - who sits in Canada, because my company is Canadian - with a break down of the cost of the bay area, including the absolutely ridiculous rent rates out here, and pleaded my case.

What you've read above is literally how that played out over a phone meeting.

So, a month later and I've just about wrapped up every last bit of business in California, and - as of this entry - am just hours from joining a host of friends who have made the great escape north as economic refugees; wrapping my head around my situation, and how kind of defeating it can feel.

I'm sorry, did I say every last bit of business...?     

My on-again-off-again long time lover and I have shared a lot in ten years. We've found it a bit hard to untangle. Of everything I'm leaving behind for a new life north, she's going to be one of the hardest. If, that is, she lets me. Love... it's so stupid, sometimes.

Goodbye, California... I was your native son, but you still treated me like shit, in the end. So fuck you, too. Let me know if and when you finally get your head out of your ass, will you? I might come back down for a visit.

Or not.

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