Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Heart-felt Words

After two years, now, of living with my heart situation I guess I've become pretty accustomed to it and don't pay it any never mind outside of the occasional impact to my diet or physical output; minor that they are.

However, as normal as it may be to me, it's still certainly not normal to others; specially when these others, such as my friends I'm staying with here in Seattle, have already had another friend nearly die on them after having a heart attack. So I guess, from the other room, it's totally plausible she'd hear "OH MY HEART!"  and be... concerned.

But I've totally reassured them that I'm really okay, and that if anything does go wrong, it'd be quiet, and they'd probably just find my dead corpse the next morning in my bed. You know, because I appreciate their concern. (But really, I do.)

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