Sunday, January 1, 2017

Stuff: Gone and Back

After getting back on my feet and getting life rolling, again, I thought I had me a great adventure and future on the horizon when I packed up the entirety of Grand Central Station and headed north this past July to (literally) greener pastures in The Pacific Northwest and the end stop for all pilgrims of lost culture and affordability; Seattle.

But like they say about the best laid plans of mice and Chucks...

Shortly after this posts I will begin the "Drive of Shame" home. Over at The Conductor's Office I've posted some deeper thoughts on this misadventure, but I am beaten and broken. Nothing went according to plan; mostly because, though it was a good plan, it wasn't a good plan for Seattle. It was, in fact, a San Francisco/Silicon Valley plan. And, for better or worse (mostly worse), there's just not any place like Bay Area space. Now I have to go home and try and fix this mess I've gotten myself into.


Comics - both Stuff and Galactic Gun - will return at the end of January. As much I'm also hoping to relocate Grand Central digitally into a new server and format in the coming month, as well as add some new content. This has been an interesting escapade, to be sure; one that has brought me ruin as well as new growth. I guess, the best way to look at it is that there's really no where to go but up, from here, in 2017.