Sunday, March 19, 2017

Urp Hurp Blah Blah

Last moth one of my all time favorite sing/singer/musicians swung into town to play at The Freight & Salvage in Oakland, California; Peter Mulvey.

Peter is an amazing writer who is passionate about his causes and winds a good story while doing some amazing things with just a guitar. I first discovered hom totally by accident when I dug his album - Letters from a Flying Machine - out of the fifty cent bin at my local Rasputin's Music. Adding it to a pile to listen to during a holiday road trip, it became the only album I listened to the entire time. Needless to say I started scooping up his work when I got home.

My first meeting with Peter was very much less painful a while back, the last time he swung through town. I was much less a doofus, then. I don't know what, over the last two years, made me stupid dumb in the mouth, but yeah; pretty much crashed and burned trying to make small talk and let him know how much his music impacts my life.

If you like stuff like amazing storytelling, great guitar work, and something a little more folk rock like, then I cannot recommend Peter Mulvey enough.


You've no doubt noticed things have been pretty much silent here for the past three months. We're still rebuilding after the adventures up in the Pacific Northwest. (Which is our way of apologizing for the low quality of this installment of Stuff.) As we remain transitory, Neverland Transit Authority is working on refining our current production process. However, comics should return next week. Watch for more Galactic Gun and Stuff.

And thank you for your continued ridership!