Thursday, January 18, 2018

A little off the bottom...

     My world is full of interesting people with interesting habits. And they all handle their hair in interesting ways; from the faces to their pits, legs to... down there.

     I have friends, and I've had lovers who have, for all their own reasons, decided that they needed to be clean shaven in places that few go. Some do it for perceived hygiene, others do it because their pubic hair is so coarse that it hurts. Others do it for fancy and flare.

     But, for whatever reason, they do it. And, I suppose, eventually the curiosity would get the better of me. (Or the depression fueled sleep deprivation.) So, with razor in hand, and plenty of shaving cream, I went downtown.

     Today is day one. Everything feels weird; every step, every shift, every time clothing moves across me. I haven't made up my mind, yet, if this is a thing or not with me, now. Going to give it a few days and see.

     Have to say, though; too bad I can't give this a thorough test drive. Have this sudden urge to know what this would feel like in a more... intimate setting.

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