Friday, January 26, 2018


Merriam Webster defines “half assed” as 1slangoften vulgar: lacking significance, adequacy, or completeness 2slangoften vulgar: lacking intelligence, character, or effectiveness half-assed adverb, slangoften vulgar. The term, itself, seems to have entered the lexicon of English phrases only recently; sometime before the 1970s. (I guess “recently” depends on what side of disco you were born under.)

The earliest reference to the term, though, shows up in Thomas O'Brien & Oliver Diefendorf, General Orders of the [U.S.] War Department, Embracing the Years 1861, 1862 & 1863, volume 2 (1864), reporting on the court-martial of Captain John H. Behan on February 19, 1863:

"In this ; that he, the said Captain John H. Behan, Company F, 16th Regiment Virginia Volunteers, while on duty in camp, on or about the 12th day of December, 1862, did use abusive and grossly insulting language to Joseph B. Hamilton, 2d Lieutenant of said Company F, before and in the presence of said Company F, while he, the said Joseph B. Hamilton, was on duty and was acting Adjutant of said 16th Regiment Virginia Volunteers, in words as follows, to wit: 'There goes our half-assed Adjutant’.

It next appears in the1934 book The Executioner Waits by Josephine Herbst:

He hardly listened to Jonathan until he caught the words, "And what I'm going to do is just light out, go to New York. I'm sick of these halfassed towns."

There are many further theories that posit old mining slang, and so on. One suggests the term came about as a mispronunciation of “haphazardly”.  But despite evidence that it might have been in use since the 1860s, it doesn’t really start appearing normally until the 1960s.

Of course, if there’s a half assed, is here a full assed? Or do we jump meanings with that? I don’t know; English slang is a rough road to travel, sometimes.

Ear cuffs come from the Celtic peoples, and usually represented nobility, or in some cases, according to experts, even took the p,ace of a crown to indicate rulership.There are many theories on their use and meanings. 

Today they're mostly decorative, and a huge hit with the Pagan folks. Mine I thought I had lost at Watercourse Way, a hot tub joint, many years ago on a date. But the I gave my car a thorough cleaning, only to find it wedged in the seat track. I figure I must have knocked it off while putting on my seatbelt. A quick turn with some pliers and it was good as new.

Midlife crisis, though, is something that has been well documented for quite some time. Usually striking white men in America in our mid thirties to early forties, it can be brought on by many factors; from physical to psychological. Mine seems to be centered around a series of disasters in my life, recently. I’m hoping to harness this to make me a better person.

Can better people have tattoos, though? I don’t know, but Oscar – who is our super social, work hard, look after everybody security guard at the Social Media Empire was really adamant about me not fooling around with getting one. He actually pointed out that they usually have stories and meaning behind them, and I should get just any old thing from a book.

Good old Oscar.

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