Saturday, March 10, 2018

In The Bag...

     There is a lot to say for the releasing of pent up frustrations and energies.

     There is also a lot to be said for having the correct wearable gear, too. But that's neither here nor there, is it? Perhaps. You see, a couple weeks back, as I was working out, I started getting a little angsty; both at the people squatting at machines using their mobiles and not exercising, as well as with some of the situations that have befallen my life, lately. And there, by the serious free weights, and the serious weight trainers, hung the heavy bag. So, naturally, I found myself cause to go over and introduce myself.

     After getting a feel for the bag I started letting go some, until I was a flurry of punches; some landing ore squarely than others, mind you. And in one single wave of release I caught that bag with a mighty right hook and a triumphant howler... becoming suddenly aware I had attracted a lot of attention.

     It was then that the bag became an agent of karma, and I and my bloody knuckles were clobbered asunder to the floor.

     Lesson learned, for sure. Since then I have gotten me some proper gloves for the bag; better than the simple weight gloves I had first used that offered almost no protection. I've also developed a routine where in I bow in and thank the bag for what I hope is a good fight, and likewise thank the bag after our time is up. Usually it's in five three-minute structured bursts with a one minute rest period that I do in a kneeling pose, calming my head and my heart.

     I'm now in my third month at our local 24 Hour Fitness. I've lost a lot of weight, brought back a lot of strength, and have found some good releases for a lot of the darkness that's been troubling my poor meager mind, as of late. It's been good and healthy. And, yes; I can't help but sing the praises of regular, healthy exercise.

     Now, what will these comics look like next month when I start up martial arts...?

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