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Pocket Full of Posies Chapter 2 page 1

     As The Third Space Age of Man opened the United Corporate Commonwealth found it had inherited, from The Great Human Expansion, many tales and legends from the vast array of worlds that had been settled across the stars. Many were tall tales that peoples and societies had rally around; stories of heroes, figureheads, and even rebels who would become icons and symbols; cultural touche stones brought into The UCC.

     Though loosely based on some fact, they were, of course, complete fabrications written by the words and stories passed down through the generations; so ingrained that it would take real effort by The UCC to purge them, helping these worlds to acclimate to a more civilized way of life.

     Well, not all, as it would turn out to be. The one notable exception is the tale of Tia Mara, the Pirate Queen of Thestus.

Painting by midshipman Duke Tatum submitted for contest; original lost
     The common core of the story has checked out through historical records, and the lineage is preserved. Tia Mara was a concubine en route from a settlement off Thestus as part of a harem gift from one of the region lords to their king. During the voyage the envoy was attacked by pirates operating out of the area.

     From here the particular backstories tend to skew from each other to favor local color. Some tales paint her as a heavenly avenging angel who brought a violent and bloody end to the savagery of the monarchy. Other tales tell of reckless abandon and sexual escapades fraught with unrequited and forbidden love.

     But there are facts that have been preserved in the archives of Thestus. Tia Mara was a registered concubine with the royal guild; her origins that of a young girl made into the trade when her nation was conquered. She did, indeed, fall into the hands of pirates, and through a series of  often wildly portrayed events, did come to not only command those pirates, but to unify them into a military force and turn their might against the various royal houses and end the monarchy; establishing a centralized constitutional government that would stand through The Second Space Age until their induction into The UCC.

     Today Thestus is a center of learning and industry in The UCC. And The House of Mara is celebrated, as women born there are proud to trace their lineage back to their sovereign sister and queen. Festivals and celebrations abound, and images of her decorate halls, name plaques, and anywhere it is appropriate to. Of the very small handful of galactic legends, rife with exaggerations, and tall tales of daring, intrigue, and romance, few have had the lasting, positive impact That Tia Mara has had.

Recent Nathena Tour Poster
     She is so integral to the culture that The UCC not only permits the continued festivals in her honor, but has added the curriculum to civics studies, as well as some of its regional fleet studies in regards to how her rag-tad band managed to decimate a superior force to bring about radical change to her world. She is celebrated by the peoples of Thestus wherever they go in the galaxy, and it's not uncommon to find interpretations of her famous portrait in many ships and outposts. One of her most notable dependents, the popular musician Nathena, just recently launched a entire musical experience dedicated to the legends of her ancestor.

     As The United Corporate Commonwealth prides itself on the strength of its diversity, it's the cultural icons like Tia Mara that The UCC looks to in bringing unity and prosperity to its member worlds.

     It's the hope of The United Corporate Commonwealth to spread the best of the its world membership, to promote positive change, and a new, unified identity to grow from.

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