Saturday, March 3, 2018


     I've come to the conclusion that a lot of us sell ourselves short when it comes to who we are, where we've been, and what we've done. And Yesenia, I think, illustrates that really well.

     On our one, and so far only date we ended up missing our movie and crashing a gathering at The Lucky Star Tiki Bar - a private bar run by friends - because we were getting seriously deep into the various topics we delved into during dinner. Between many frosty adult beverages she went from mild manner girl about town to this amazing knot of plot twist and turns that were so layered and colorful that she could make an amazing comic book all by herself.

     And I don't think she once realized it once.

     We are these amazing and complex things that are shaped by the many choices we make, and the many, many actions we take as we trip our way down our own life's road. School? Jobs? Parties? Events? Hard choices and easy, good decisions and not such, we are immersed in our travels so much that we often don't see ourselves doing the epic things we do when we mold our own lives.

     Sometimes having a map would be very, very helpful. But I have to wonder if that would make it better, more interesting, more of an adventure. 

     In case you're curious...

     I totally admit I lost myself in her stories, and let my heart slip. I mean, who couldn't? I'm a sucker for an interesting story, and a unique woman of character; well illustrated by some of my more colorful ex-girlfriends. If you read last week's Stuff, then yes; Yesenia is the 1 of 4. She's funny, intriguing, full of diverse interests. We had a great night. That may be the extent of what we do, but I guess I can be okay with that. She's already been a friend for a while, and now she's just that much cooler.


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