Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Drawing Straws...

     Okay, so have you ever noticed it's okay to put a straw into a cup of juice? Just about any juice, really. Milk? Sure; got to make those bubbles somehow. Pop? You bet. How about a frosty adult beverage, like a cocktail? Oh heck, they make straws specifically for that. Hey, you want a straw for your beer?


     Yeah, I didn't think so. In fact, a straw is used for just about every beverage EXCEPT a beer; or maybe a shot of whiskey.

     Straws are the oddest convention. They totally make sense, of course. But, have you really thought about a straw? I mean; really? You lip lock a tube and inhale through your mouth. All physics aside, I suppose it's really appropriate they see their biggest use with kids. Personally, when I order a drink, like iced tea or a pop, and it comes with a straw I usually take the damn thing out and drink like a big boy. I mean, except those times when my beverage is bubbles appropriate, naturally.

     But, really, if they are so useful, why is it so  gouache to drop one into your bottle of Bud?

     Amber is this shining jewel from my past. The one who got away, we've remained good friends for the past sixteen years. (It was one of those two people at the right place at the wrong time kind of things.) Residing in the Los Angeles area, she's up in the Silicon Valley area for family business, and while here we've been palling around together, when we can. This little bit of funny was her own orchestration.

     Recently we trucked off to see Flogging Molly at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz. For those not in the know, Flogging Molly is a Irish Celtic Punk band based out of Los Angeles. Our adventure that night was a fluke, in which I bought tickets in a mad dash to fill up my birthday week and ended up with a VIP package that includes a whole mess of swag.

     If you ever get the time, they are a great band, and worth the see.

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