Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Pocket Full of Posies Chapter 2 page 3

     I think it was The Drexsten Punitive Wars that first created the orphan epidemic. No one was really prepared for how long and drawn out that was going to become. And then, when it was done, and armies had cleared out, there was this world full of destruction and children - so many children - that had no where to go, and no families to care for them.

     Sure, we were a whole set of systems away, but we had the land, and we had could see the need. So we talked about it, and with a quick bit of work we were able to cover the farm to an orphanage. When the first wave of kids arrived, I admit we were completely overwhelmed. Not for the sheer number of them... I mean, yeah; that was a problem we had to solve quickly... but because of the emotional and, often, physical pain these kids were under. It was tragic in a way I just... [At this point, she pauses to look out window, wipe tear from her eye.] You just don't know suffering until you see it in the eyes of a child who has lost everything. Everything.

     We were blessed with our land, and our farm. I'm not the most spiritual of people, but I think Elvis, himself, reached out from Holy Graceland and created just the right place for those kids in us. And we've been so lucky to help so many, and continue to help so many, today. You can see it in how many of those orphans' kids come back to help out around here, even today.

Trisha Forbes-McGee
Co-Manager of Hornsmount Orphanage 
Planet Dreager in the Nexus System
from an interview for "Wrangling the Galactic Gun"

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